Containers for vegetable gardening:

Containers for Vegetable Gardening

Containers for Vegetable Gardening Containers for Vegetable Gardening
A Beautiful Pot EarthBox® Cedar Raised Bed (3′ W)


I was an avid gardener up in Connecticut. I had a 16′ by 24′ raised bed vegetable garden, 6 fruit trees (apple, plum and peach), a rose garden, a lilac garden, a lily and iris garden, a blackberry patch, a rhubarb patch, a horseradish patch and wild strawberries. When I moved to South Florida I had to learn how to garden!

It became painfully obvious that containers for vegetable gardening were the only way to go down here. At least that way, one can control the soil (as opposed to sand). Unfortunately, finding gardening pots and containers that were pleasing to me became very frustrating.  I am sure this problem is not mine alone.

My hope is that this site will be a source for gardening containers, and also, a site for information and dialogue about containers for vegetable gardening, and gardening in South Florida and other Zone 10 locations.

I invite you to come on in and find just the right containers for vegetable gardening that will fit your needs.

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